Kundalini Yoga


Yoga means union. And as a human being he was given a birthright that allows him to embrace this union in all aspects of his life, in everything he does. When you wake up, eat, work, live, breathe ……

Yoga in your work gives you excellence in what you do. Yoga in your mind gives you a good intuition. Yoga in your heart brings you compassion.

Kundalini Yoga is just another technology. A science that can help you in this union such as Ava Connection, Multidimensional Therapy, Tarot, Aura Reading, Akashic Record Reading. It does not claim to be better or worse than the other yogas, but it has its strengths.

Kundalini Yoga

The emphasis of kundalini yoga is on the flow and movement of krya (exercise set), in the sequence of exercises and in meditation. There is still a strong attraction and an invitation to bring your awareness to the breath. The postures are just a base, there is an intelligence of the body to which we will become more sensitive thus accepting the change better.


And you may ask:

Ohhhh … .. will this make me better person? Will it make me rich? Known? Give me a good job? I’ll find company?
You can not promise that. You can not promise anything. But Kundalini yoga can give the possibility of finding our EU. It can give the essence of ourselves.

But of course it is easier to talk than to do but with this intention you begin to realize what kind of person you are not, to discard beliefs and to give up false identities. And then when I no longer live under the judgment of these false identities you begin to realize your essence and more divine and true nature.

It is equally important to realize that the true essence is also an unknown and irrational essence (beyond reason). As your rational mind does not accept / understand the unknown and irrational, the tendency is to try to fill this unknown in its own way, which brings fears, fury, etc ….

And it is here that Kundalini Yoga can help you through the stimulation of the glandular system, the strengthening of the nervous system that gains the strength and consciousness sufficient to support all the “tantrums” of the mind and to remain stable, steadfast and unshakable, and then through of self-meditative assessment has the opportunity to bring the necessary holistic change.


Are you ready to be you?



Duration: 1h30 min
Monthly value: 30 €(gives access to 4 lessons – 1 time per week)

One-to-One Classes: € 10
Date: every Tuesday
Hours: 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
1st class free!

Possibility to do live online. Just send an email to confirm (consultas@treenaturaterapias.com) or message 3 h before to + 351 910 879 049 

Limited places!

The class will be in English too.