Iboga – Retreat in Portugal!

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21 a 23 March’20

In Portugal

Iboga is a small tree native to West Central Africa. In Gabon, this tree is used by the inhabitants to understand Life itself. The roots of the Iboga tree contain very special substances (alkaloids). The roots of the Iboga tree are harvested in a very special and loving way. When humans ingest this substance from the root, it acts as a key to gaining access to Iboga’s spirit. Ingesting this substance allows and asks this spirit to come into contact with your body and mind. Once the spirit of Iboga has come into contact with his body and mind, consciousness is expanded and expanded.

To understand this enlargement of consciousness, there are some basic things you need to know.

First, we as human beings live simultaneously in 2 worlds. The physical world and the spiritual world. These two worlds exist simultaneously and both worlds are involved one for the other. To understand Life, you need to know what is happening in both worlds.

We are all very familiar with this physical world. We are aware of this through our 5 physical senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Everything we perceive through these senses tells us about the nature of the physical world.

But we also have feelings that allow us to know the nature of the spiritual world, such as intuition/mediumship and spiritual vision through the “third eye.” Generally speaking, most people do not understand these senses and how to use them to understand what is happening in the spirit world. In most cultures outside central Africa, most people have forgotten how to use these senses. As a result, the senses of the physical world become dominant and only in unusual conditions are these spiritual senses perceived.

Iboga works with us in both worlds. When the substance enters the bloodstream, it spreads throughout the body and begins to work to heal us physically. But most importantly for most of us, it begins us to prepare to experience the spiritual world in a deeper and more complete way.

This helps remove toxins and other things that do not belong to our bodies. It is a powerful detoxifier for chemicals and is an anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral herb.

Iboga helps your body to work properly again. To return to the initial state of when he was born. Resetting the system.

Iboga can guide us to the spiritual world, but only after we are purged of toxins and toxic and negative thoughts. The spirit world is a very clean and pure world. How deeply we can enter the spiritual world is largely a question of how clean we are.

Iboga is not a psychedelic drug, it is more a visionary tool, even because it does not create addiction like drugs. By taking Iboga, you do not lose consciousness of yourself, on the contrary …. increases. You do not always have “visions” with Iboga, sometimes it’s more intuitive knowledge with thoughts. The experience is not abstract or useless, Iboga takes it directly to the truth, to the Source and connects it to his soul. Think of your brain as a hard drive from a computer. Iboga is like software that deprograms the hard drive and gets rid of viruses. The process through all previous information (past traumas, belief systems, learned behavior, vices …). It is a reset so that the new reprogramming can take effect.

Iboga has proved useful in the following areas:

 -Karma Processing
-Elimination of familiar patterns; connection with ancestors
– Making yourself totally free of addictions (tobacco, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, gluttony …..)
-Removing from negative patterns of thinking and behavior
-Increasing inner peace and higher consciousness

The trip with Iboga is internal. Our (spiritual) Ego is often closely tied to our personal history and to our “insights” and “wisdom.” This will take you back to your true nature, which is silent and silent. Some describe this as defragmenting your hard drive; remove software and vices that are no longer needed.

Iboga defines the symbolic process of dying in movement. You prepare to say goodbye to the old and receive the new. You will end up in realms of deep stillness. Your Ego will defend itself against this through its usual defense mechanisms. Iboga will help you to confront and free yourself from these ego mechanisms and standards. This makes Iboga’s effectiveness so profound. This allows many people to overcome even their most severe addictions. Many people who have used Iboga speak of a deep and deep sense of inner peace and tranquility, lasting for weeks and even months after the ceremony (takes place in retreats for 3 days in a row).

Cleaning pineal gland & Ibogaine

The cleansing and detoxification of the pineal gland are useful to those who develop the connection with the soul and the free spirit and improve their perception out of their 5 regular senses and in relation to their sixth sense. Cleaning the pineal gland is important when you want access to multidimensional perception.

An awakened pineal gland gives access to astral travels, discovering other dimensions and clairvoyance, materializing objects, scans a body to see diseases, remote viewing between countries and planets ……. When the pineal gland is awakened, people may feel a kind of pressure in the nucleus of the brain. A head injury could activate “the third eye”. Although the physical functions of the pineal gland has long been a mystery to scientists, mysterious schools have always known about the gland and it is a gateway between the physical world and the spiritual world


We all have powers in us, which are now dormant and inactive. We can bring our pineal gland to life and evolve into a higher state of mind. Start with the disconnect from the television. Television is a manipulation tool to keep control of the masses. Stop the daily waves of huge amounts of lies and learn the truth. Invest your time in the right education. Open the doors between the material world and the spiritual world and help heal yourself, on a physical and emotional level.

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