Iboga Ceremony

The experiment of Iboga Ceremony takes place over 3 days, in which 2 days are taken from Iboga. When all the participants arrive, we join and each soul presents itself. We will give you an introduction about the history of Iboga and some guidelines about the ceremony so that you are fully prepared and able to get the most out of your inner journey.

We opened the ceremony with a few rituals and intensified the intentions of each one. What you can expect during the ceremony is totally unpredictable, because it is a wise plant and will know how to act on each one according to your needs. During the night several doses of Iboga will be taken. The effect of Iboga is generally noticeable after a few doses. Some people have visions (which can be confusing or the total solution they seek), some experience emotions, others have a more physical reaction. Trust Iboga’s intelligence, that all is well.

Because of Iboga, you access a different level of consciousness, but you never lose consciousness. Iboga pulls him into himself at that moment, manages to bring him closer to the here and now. It is possible that a communication will arise in which your questions will be answered by words, feelings or new insights can be shown, which may help you to become more conscious in daily life. Iboga will reflect on its actions and consequences. Iboga breaks the wall that kept him from living a free life. It is possible for your mind to go into a vicious cycle and try to do tricks to destroy the process. Trust that all these phases will pass and that Iboga has an intelligence that transcends the human mind.

Iboga knows what to do and how to do it. Iboga is a root and mixes with your subconscious to dissolve problems. What you can do during this “operation” is to give the steering wheel to Iboga and take place in the passenger seat. Trust and delivery are always of great use, but certainly more, in this process of transformation.

As stated earlier, your mind may try to sabotage, make you doubt yourself, or cause other emotions. Always try to return to your trust and give yourself to Iboga. Know that Iboga is your ally during this ceremony and cares for you in a unique way. Watch what happens, but do not get involved. Stay in the passenger seat. If you have a chaotic mind of day to day, Iboga will work on it and it is a complex situation to unveil everything and create new paths, so it is no use trying to perceive what is happening. What happens exactly, at least to this day, is not clear and goes beyond our own intelligence. Iboga unlocks its potential as many other spiritual paths do, but with above average effectiveness and faster.

Silence is very important in these ceremonies. Iboga is a meditation with a deep, deep effect. Transformation is the natural process of the mind.

During the process, some participants have to vomit, others do not (in our experience, very few). If you vomit, it is a natural part of the process and you do not have to worry.

We will be able to re-establish strengths between each night with vegetarian / vegan food and proper body rest.

At the end of the ceremony we close with a sharing of experiences and each soul can rest a little longer or return to their homes.

The days after the Iboga ceremony

You may not get much sleep or sleep during the ceremony. Iboga is a very intense process that needs time and rest to integrate. Iboga continues to work on its system for a few months after the ceremony, but very subtly. Compare the ceremony with an operation where you need to rest so the wound heals so it will not slow the healing process. It is advisable to take at least two days or one week after the Iboga ceremony to obtain the maximum effect of Iboga’s transformation process.

Spend some time in nature, practice yoga or meditation to help accelerate healing. Now that Iboga has opened the doors and returned the steering wheel, it is up to you to continue your process of awareness and transformation.

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